Two Sleeves Up was founded in 2014 as an Australian owned small business which is ran by highly experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on aligning our values: 
  • Quality - we provide quality goods and services to government agencies and businesses across Australia. We listen, investigate, and help you diagnose and resolve the real issues while respecting all stakeholders’ values and opinions.
  • Experience - we have the relevant knowledge and performance history of working with and within government agencies and businesses to provide a variety of products and services. We have always been able to meet deliverables, and the nominated personnel on the job is the person who completes the job.
  • Flexibility - we provide the flexibility to adjust to a changing environment. We have never increased our price after the commencement of work and are not in the business of upselling. We use innovative support tools to ensure that our clients and stakeholders remain adaptive during the engagement and can continue work with the products after we have left.
  • Connectivity - we support people personally through on the job mentoring and encouraging everyone to value others. We also provide support services to other small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.


Our business has a core set of staff that is complemented by partnership agreements with other consultants. This business structure enables our consultancy staff to work collaboratively or independently, depending on your needs. Our services can be in-house and be like one of your team members, or we can work remotely.  This approach allows us to provide professional services without the massive financial overheads and ensures that our clients are be provided services by consultants with long term expertise. 
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